Cheer Series & Documentaries

It’s that time of year again… the fun of summer and choreography laughs is over and showcase is weeks away. We all love cheer but practices are getting cold and hard. How about binge watching a few of these to get your motivation running. #itscheerleadingnotdeathleading (if you know… you know, if not it’s a reference to a show in the list).

This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list but I’ll be adding to it from time to time, so hopefully you find some oldies and some new cool stuff! Happy watching.

YouTube Series

  • Cheerleaders ATV

The iconic cheerleading online series that started it all for a lot of us, including myself. New season coming Nov 4! Maybe we’ll see a little bit of Callum from Rev who’s on SMOED for the 18/19 season. Bring home that ring!!

  • Cheerleaders New Jersey

Personally, one of my favorite seasons of cheerleaders. Some amazing personality and true love from the coaches and the athletes. CJA has plenty other claims to fame with multiple TV programs following around this Jersey gym.

  • Cheer Full Out

You may know Gabi Butler as one of the most famous athletes in cheerleading and star of the early seasons of Cheerleaders ATV. Follow the GymTyme Blink athletes as they navigate being mostly college students/athletes & all star cheer celebrities.

  • Cheer Extreme Beneath The Crown

JTV is a massively popular YouTube channel that works with Cheer Extreme Allstars. Follow around one of the most iconic teams, namely Senior Elite, as they take on the notoriously competitive Large AG5 division.

  • Cheer: The British Way

If you remember this show, you deserve a veterans discount at cheer competitions haha. This came out in the 13/14 season and follows around Unity Ruby in the first season as AG5 and Unity Black on their journey to worlds as a Senior Open Coed 6 team.

  • Cheerhab

Eddie and Orby, the coaches of the first ever back to back Small Coed World Champions (SMOED), take on the challenge of whipping a failing all-star cheer team into shape. It’s both hard to watch and extremely motivating!

Documentaries & TV

  • The Twinkles: Chasing Perfection

An oldie but goodie that I’ve watched probably 100 times by now! I actually found cheerleading through this documentary that I watched whilst on a late-night YouTube binge. These girls may be 11 or under, but they’re tough as nails and can throw skills that most of us only dream of.

  • Made to Cheer

This is a British documentary following around my absolute favorite AG5 team in the country. If you don’t know Crimson Heat Tigers, you absolutely should. If I lived a little closer or could drive, I’d be fighting for a place on this team.

  • Cheer Squad (Netflix)

This is probably the best Cheer tv program to be produced and available to the general public worldwide. Cheer Squad is a Netflix TV series following around the world famous Cheer Sport Great White Sharks. A dream team for us all and a reality for one of our own, British cheerleader and 2018 USAF World Champion Charlotte Frazer.

  • Champions League The Movie

This is probably one of the biggest things to happen to Cheerleading, aside from Cheer Squad on Netflix…. Nfinity filmed a movie at the famous Champions Leauge event where the best teams from all over America competed in an invitational and walked the red carpet. It was shown in cinemas and was briefly even on British Netflix.

  • Cheer

Another hit from the CJA gym in New Jersey, USA. I adore this program and their work ethic. I can’t quite decide if I fear or love Patty Ann but for sure she produces world class athletes and teens ready for the real world.

  • Look Like a Beauty Train Like A Beast

I remember watching this years ago and it’s still a fun watch today.

  • Cheerleading in England? These elite squads are ready for the world stage


A new docu-short following around arguably the most competitive gym in all of the UK, Unity Allstars. This short follows around Unity Ruby and has put British cheerleading on the world stage once again. (click the image to watch)

  • Jersey Cheer

This is probably the original cheerleading show that brought Allstar cheer on to a national/international stage. ANOTHER show from the amazing CJA cheerleading gym. Still an amazing watch even after 8 years from premiere.



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