Balancing School and Cheer + FREE PRINTABLES

BalancingSchool AndCheer

Some of you may have just finished your exams for the year and some of you are starting to prep for next year. I’ll be talking a little about the key to maintaining great grades and being a great cheerleader.

(1) Schedule Your Time And Stick To It

This is honestly the most difficult thing for me. I don’t do well sticking to routines unless I am really really in love with what I’m doing. Who really enjoys studying? Me occasionally, but only if I like the subject. Treat this schedule like your school schedule and you’ll find things get done much quicker and more efficiently.

(2) Set Aside Time Everyday To Check Everything Is Done

Around 7pm/8pm, before you start chilling out for the night, make sure that you’ve got everything done. The tip below is a life saver for this! There’s nothing quite like walking into class happily, just for your teacher to ask “Please hand in your assignments”, only to realise, you totally forgot. Plus, if you’re mum is anything like mine was in school you’ll get “it’s because you cheer so much, i’m gonna cut down your classes”… “you can’t go this week as punishment”… “it’s cause you’re always on your damn phone… no phone for you”. Just avoid these terrible scenarios by staying ahead.

(3) To Do Lists!!

To Do Lists, digital or written, were life savers for me when I had a tough deadline coming up when I was in college, and especially when I was studying Law earlier this year. Not only does it make you feel super accomplished when you tick everything off, it’s literally impossible to forget anything important when everything you need to do is right in front of you.

(4) Have A Good Relationship With Your Teachers

Without a doubt, the better relationships you have with your teachers, the better you’ll do. If you’re running your mouth at a teacher, not only are you being rude to someone who is trying to help you, you’re sabotaging your own education. Plus, if you have a good relationship with your teachers, they’ll know you cheer and if you come up to them a week before and say “Hi Sir/Miss, I’ve got a big comp coming up, could I please hand this in a few days late? I’ve been working all year for this… I’d really appreciate it”, they’re probably going to be okay with it vs if you’ve called poor Miss Palmer a bitch yesterday ??

(5) Education Comes First

At the end of the day, education comes first. As much as we’d all love for Cheer to be in the Olympics (Please??!!) and for us to be able to go Pro with sponsorships and not have to worry about getting a job for a good chunk of years… It’s not. And that means we have to keep our heads on straight and look at the bigger picture. If you’ve got an exam in the way of a comp/practice, go to the exam. If your teacher won’t push your deadline, you’ve got to get that assignment done, whether that means staying up ridiculously late and living on coffee for a day or missing practice… it needs to be done.

Also, very importantly, take time for yourself! When I used to train for Wrestling, I’d go to college, work from 6pm-midnight, then go to the gym, on my days off I’d be at training and if I had an assignment or production work to do, I’d do it after work! It caught up to me pretty quick and I ended up with a serious knee injury and a horrid sleeping pattern I still haven’t been able to kick over a year later. Look after yourselves ❤ Mental and physical health absolutely comes before anything.



As a little free gift to you all… I’ve decided to do some simple study printables + some cute quotes to keep you all motivated. I recommend keeping a little folder of these somewhere in your bag so you’re always organised. I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to see some pictures if anyone uses these. Please find the download link below:

Lots of Love,


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