Top Ten Moments from The Cheerleading Worlds 2018

top ten moments

What a year for cheerleading. Absolutely amazing routines put on the floor by some of the most talented athletes in the world. The sportsmanship seen this year and the positive energy from every team really was a sight to behold. History was made this year.

I don’t know about you, but I have some SERIOUS worlds blues. If you were lucky enough to attend or afford’s subscription, it’s likely you were glued watching it all weekend. If not, here’s a rundown + videos of my 10 favourite moments from Worlds.

10. Prodigy Blacklight Wins For The First Time Ever

9. Popular Team California All Stars TeamRECKLESS Brings Home a Ring

My dream Team right there ^^^

8. First Ever Extra Small (Coed + AG) World Champions Crowned

With Thanks to Full credit to them for this.

7. Cheer Sport Great White Sharks “Whip Double-Up” Elite Stunt

6. Crowd Favourite OO5 Wins IOC5

5. The LAG5 and Large Coed Division Was CRAZY

With thanks to The WDW Couple on Youtube. Full credit to them for this video.

4.🎶 “Smoed is back and that’s a FACT”🎶

3. Coventry Dynamite Ammo place 4th in IOSC5

I unfortunately couldn’t find a video of Ammo from Worlds, so enjoy this video of the team “Nitro” that CD took to NCA this year!

2. Santwon one-and-a-half to split

1. Cheer Athletics Panthers Break The Large All Girl Curse

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